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Three Days in Bangkok, Thailand

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Written by Nipuna Dasupathi

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with the title for Global Top Destination City by MasterCard. While international tourists flood the gates of Bangkok all year round, domestic tourism also plays a prominent role in bringing up the tourism industry. Bangkok attracts a diversified range of tourists due to its various cultural places, temples, museums, artifacts, and natural sceneries. We’re taking you to our experience of Three days in Bangkok Thailand, Bangkok one of the crucial gorgeous towns on the planet, to provide you with an exciting journey in.

Day 1 in Thailand, Bangkok

Sealife Ocean world

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Sealife ocean world

We will pick you up from the hotel PJ Watergate in the morning to take you to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Sea Life Ocean World is more than an underwater aquarium. It comprises a lot of adventurous activities. You can enter to experience a variety of aquatic adventures while awaiting the mighty sea creatures in their element. It is the largest underwater aquarium in South East Asia. The Sea Life Ocean World birthed in 2005, attracting millions of tourists and locals alike. It has maintained its population ever since.

Glass Bottom Boat

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This is known as one of the most favorite ocean adventures in Sea Life Ocean World. You can experience the most in-depth view of the boat while fathoming the beauty of all the sea creatures. The management of Sea Life Ocean World aims to provide entertainment as well as education to its visitors. They make sure to educate the visitors by appreciating the aquatic environment in-line with the local curriculum. It is also a regular spot of visitation by many schools in Thailand, for sea life creatures and oceanic education.

This fantastic underwater aquarium has many species that live underwater, such as Giant Spider Crab, Giant Pacific Octopus, Stingray Shark, Jackass Penguin/ African Penguin, and Starfish.

We will then proceed to the most famous wax museum in Thailand.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

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Madame Tussauds wax museum

Who doesn’t have a favorite celebrity? Get the fantastic experience of feeling close to these famous stars at Madame Tussauds was a museum. These lifelike wax figures are exhibited in the museum to touch, hug, play with, and take pictures with. Imagine taking a selfie with Queen Elizabeth or practicing King-Fu with Bruce Lee? You can take photos with these wax figures and get a lifelike experience among the famous stars. These things don’t come to you on a daily basis. This experience will be unforgettable and mesmerizing. This wax museum is no ordinary museum. You get to go head-to-head with world-class celebrities, activists, heads of state, sports heroes, and heroines. The rest of the day will become a relaxed evening in the beautiful city of Bangkok where you can leisurely ponder upon the streets or sleep in the hotel room.

Day 2

Dream World: The World of Happiness

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Dreamworld entrance

The second day of the tour is all about the Dream World. This amusement park is extremely out of the ordinary. The entire day will be filled with adventures, joy rides, good food, people, and many more! Dream World opened in 1993, and it is opened all year round. Dream World is divided into several segments to make it easier for customers to find places in the park. They have Dream World Plaza, Gardens, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. The park comprises over 40 thrill rides and family attractions. In the middle of the Adventure Land, you will find Asia’s first hanging roller coaster. A model of the Grand Canyon accompanies as an attraction.

Dream World Plaza

This area includes the entrance to the park along with various toy shops, food stalls, and other enterprises. Dream World Plaza also has many fantasy-themed buildings that attract people of all ages.

Dream Garden

This is more of a nature-themed area. A lake surrounds it near Dream World Plaza. The most famous attractions in Dream Garden are the Cable Car, Seven Wonders of the World, Speedy Mouse, and Bicycle Boat.

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land is all about fantasy-themed buildings, rides, and many more. There are many attractions which are appealing to people of all ages. Fantasy Garden’s attractions include Fantasy Garden, The Giant House, Sightseeing Train, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Hurricane the ride, The Spider, Uncle Tom’s Farm, and 4D Adventure.

Adventure Land

This segment is the largest zone in the Dream World. It is also the most popular one of them all. It has many rides, an attractive setting that magnets tourists and locals alike. The Adventure Land rides include; Snow Town, Grand Canyon, Super Splash, The Thunderbirds, Haunted Mansion, Crazy Bus, Monorail Tour, Bumper Boats, Antique Cars, Go-Carts Track, Flying Carpet, Black Hole Coaster, Sky Coaster, Vikings, Bumper Cars, Flying Fishes, Hollywood’s Action Show, Red Indian’s Boat, Raptor, and Tornado. A whole day in the Dream World will give you a fulfilling experience in the city of Bangkok. After enjoying the second day at the Dream World, you can relax and rejuvenate for the 3rd day of the tour.

Day 3

Platinum Fashion Mall

The third day of the tour starts by shopping at one of the best malls in Bangkok. Platinum Fashion Mall is well-known for in wholesale fashion, clothing, and accessories. The Mall has four floors and has more than 1300 stores. If you buy in large quantities, you will save more as the discounts apply more. This wholesale shopping mall’s floors are named after world-famous shopping districts in the world. They are Orchard, Nathan, Ginza, Soho, Oxford, and Camden. The mall consists of men and women fashion, clothing, belts, shoes, bags, and other accessories. The range of style and prices are more than impressive as you can find anything from an infant’s outfit to an adult outfit in one place. There are specialty shops that have shopping items imported from Korea, Hong Kong, India, and China. As you browse along, you will find everything from head to toe. All you need to do is to mix and match the outfits and accessories. It is a must-go for tourists who visit Bangkok. Most of the shops have a 10%-30% discount if you purchase more than three items. Ensure to wear comfortable shoes and attire as we start the third day of the tour by shopping at this giant whale of fashion and clothing. You can browse through the countless shops and clothing stores to find something you like. Siam Niramith Cultural Show The next stop is the Siam Niramith Cultural show, a show you should not miss! This show is a world-class presentation of Thailand’s culture, heritage, and history. The show has more than 150 performers changing more than 500 costumes per show. The world’s most advanced technology is used to enhance the cultural show’s quality and experience.

Day 4

This day ends the fantastic tour in Bangkok. But we ensure to give you a last-minute experience in the floating market in Bangkok. Floating Market in Bangkok comprises a series of adventures and activities for tourists and locals. Once we finish with the Floating Market, you will be dropped at the PJ Watergate Hotel to pack and relax for your flight back home. You will be picked in the evening from the hotel and dropped at the airport. This tour is designed to give you an unforgettable experience in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a city full of culture, history, and art. You will get the opportunity to experience Bangkok in its pure and the most comprehensive element.

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5666E5E5 6781 4662 A82C D9F5C6A8826A Three Days in Bangkok Thailand
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My Name is Nipuna Karunarathna and the owner of travelvagrants. I'm a Traveler, travel researcher, and a person who interest in travel-related activities. I always try to give unique content to you in my blogs, including my experience and researchers. Connect with your trusted travel advisor.

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