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Survival Tools for your adventure trip 2019

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Written by Nipuna Dasupathi

Top 10 survival tools for your adventure

8fc109bf 3d83 45eb 803e a699eafe1a02 Survival Tools for your adventure trip 2019

What are Surviving tools?

According to the US Government’s data, about 150 people die while outdoor traveling activities every year. About 1000 people die, hunting and explore related incidents. The Main Reasons for the above incidents can mention as poor preparation, bad weather conditions, animal attacks, get injured or inflicted and poor rescue processes. But no problem, you should have a preparation for your journey. It’s easy if you are carrying some survival tools with the backpack you are in protection.

Because of the above reasons, survival tools become a very important thing when you are in outdoor activities.

We can talk about any kind of survival tools for different kinds of outdoor activities. It is better if you can carry all survival tools with your backpack. But we can’t do that, your bag getting very heavy. Because of that reason you have to choose what you definitely need for your trip.

However, there are some critical survival tools you should definitely bring with your backpack. In this article, we are reviewing 10 most important survival tools.

1. Water bottle

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Water bottle

Most important and most needed survival tool ever. You should need to carry one or more water bottles with you.

At the point when you get to a water source, you’ll need to fill it, close it and put some in your backpack. You don’t know how far the following water source is and a water bottle keeps you hydrated between sources.

You can carry plastic or metal one. Get a metal one, you can boil water by heating it.

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2. Cold weather tent

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Cold weather tent

Cold weather tents protect you in cold weather conditions, especially in the night time. And it helps to protect you from insects, snakes and other animals when you are outdoor.

Tents are not easy to carry, Most of them have a weight above10 lbs. when you selecting a tent you should think about the size and weight also your requirements.

3. Lightening tool ( lighter or box of matches )

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when you are in an outdoor door camping or another activity, you need to boil some water cook something to eat. So you need to have some fire, in that case, you definitely carry box of watches or lighter with your backpack. These fire tools are the most important survival tools when you are outside.

4. Knife

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The knife is a very valuable survival tool in outdoor activities. It helps you to cut things, especially in preparing meals. Also, it is useful for you to own safe from your outdoor enemies.

You can choose deferent kinds of knives as you need. A fixed blade knife is the most popular knife among people. Don’t forget to bring a safety case for your knife.

5. Flashlight

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Normally call torch. The torch is another useful tool at nighttime or when you are in a dark place. You should significantly think about 2 main things when you are selecting a knife for your adventures.

1. Size and weight of the flashlight.

2. Battery life.

If the torch is small, it can easy to handle.

It’s better you can have an extra battery.

6. Satellite phone

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Satellite phone

Phone to phone connect with radio satellite system, they are called satellite phone. The main advantage of these phones is when you are outdoor and the mobile coverage is not in your area, you can use a satellite phone to connect with another person. If you have a satellite phone you never get lost.

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7. First aid kit

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First aid kit

First aid kit is a very important survival tool when you are in outdoor activities.

When you are in camping, hiking, hunting, rafting or other travel-related activity you have to face some injuries such as cut and bleeding, bone fractures, cold, and fever, etc. In these cases first aid kit help you to treat your injuries and other medical requirements outdoor. Always you should have a first aid kit in your backpack.

It should contain,

  • Adhesive bandage
  • Bandage
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Saline
  • Dressings
  • Eyewash
  • Scissors
  • Gauze
  • Thermometer

8. Canned food

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Canned food

When you are in outdoor you need food. If you bring normal food in a normal way you can keep a maximum of 1 or 2 days.

But no problem, If you bring canned food, they can keep you alive more than a week or more. Canned food is a very important survival tool.

9. Waterproof backpack

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Waterproof backpack

You can choose a suitable backpack to bring your travel equipment. But the most important thing is your backpack should have waterproof facilities. Otherwise, your equipments can get wet and can’t be used.

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10. Hunting Rifle

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Hunting rifle

When you are in forest hiking sometimes you have to face animal attacks. Hunting rifles can use to keep away wild animals from you. It also can mitigate animal attacks.

In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to kill animals and get their meat for food. But if you are in a survival situation you can use the rifle to hunt and make your food.


We discussed 10 main survival tools and how they can use in outdoor activities in survival situations. There are a lot of survival tools not mentioned in this article. I hope to review them in another article.

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