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Easy Camping Meals for Family- Outdoor Delicacies at a glance!

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Written by Nipuna Dasupathi
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Camping meals

When it comes to summer, we all get the feeling of camping. Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and to spend some time with your family in a useful manner. Great view or the site you choose to camp is not only an essential part of camping. Happiness and love within the family members too hold a highlighted place in camping. In this article, we are discussing easy camping meals for the family.

Do you know the critical factor that requires building joy and love when camping? It is the meal or the food and beverages that you supply your family members. So, the root of success in camping lies within foods. Therefore, we are going to provide you with a personal guide about easy camping meals

Importance of Camping Meals

for families just like yours. Go through this and decide what suits your family the best and what keeps your family members happier and deeper in love.

 When it comes to camping meals, they need to be very easy, light, tastier and healthy. Therefore, when you choose some food items, you need to be very much careful regarding them. 

Healthy and easy camping meals for family

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Camping bbq


When camping, your kitchen is out of reach, but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy delicious food. 

So, do not worry! 

Get ready to go to your next outdoor camping with excellent preparations in food!

Below is a list of healthy food items that you can take to your next outdoor activity. 

· Pan-roasted campfire veggies

· Fireside Fajitas

· Skillet hash

· No – chop skillet chili

· Freeze bean and cheese burritos

· Cheesy potato crackers

· Campfire Banana S’mores

· BBQ carrot dogs

· Garlic butter campfire corn

· Camping chicken Quesadillas

· Sausage, pepper, and potato cracker

· Beet jerky

· Strawberry Nutella S’mores

· Adobo pork and potato crackers

· Quinoa and Chia oatmeal mix

Easy camping meals for kids

As experienced campers, you might know that food is an essential part when camping with kids. Children burn a lot of energy and calories during camping. Therefore, you need to be well prepared for the hunger emotion of your kids. When camping, you need to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and also some snacks for the meantime. Let us move one by one of the main meals.


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Camping easy breakfast

Breakfast is one of the essential meals out of the main three. And also, breakfast one of the favorites when camping. Plus, breakfast is vital for growing kids. Below is a list of the most famous camping breakfasts.

 · Apple protein muffins – These gluten and dairy-free protein-rich muffins should be prepared before the trip.

 · Yoghurt – fruit breakfast pizza – Bake your naan by using a campfire and then add fresh new fruits on it with yogurt.

 · Apple peanut butter English muffins – Toast your English muffins using campfire and then add peanut butter on it with apple slices.

 · Banana bread pancakes – Normal pancakes with fresh banana flavor, which is easy to make using a camp stove.

 · Sausage and egg breakfast scramble – easy to prepare using a camp stove. This is very delicious and healthy.


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Backpacker sandwich

There is no matter whether you might be traveling, hiking around or you might stay in the campsite all day, there is always hunger that reminds you about lunch and especially for your kids. Below is some creative, healthy and easy camping lunch for your kids.

 · Stovetop pizza pocket – You can make the wrap using a camp stove, grill or skillet in the fire then add your kid’s favorite topping on it.

 · Racecar hot dog – Hot dogs are a leisurely lunch to be prepared using a campfire or the grill. Make wheels to the car by using carrot, cucumber, and tomatoes.

· Giant backpacker sandwich – This giant sandwich is prepared using meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauce. Feel free to add any vegetables that your kid does not like to eat.

 · Grilled chicken wrap – You can prepare this using some grilled chicken and wrap made using the camp stove.

· Chicken pasta salad – Boil your pasta using a camp stove and then add grilled chicken, vegetables and sauce to it.


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Easy dinner for camping

Having your dinner around the campfire will give every family member a lot of happiness, and you can make it much lovable by providing them with excellent and especially kid-friendly dinner. 

· Campfire lasagne – Make your camping family dinner happier by including lasagne, which you can make using a camp stove.

· Campfire stew – You can prepare this using pork, beans, and vegetables to have a delicious and smoky dinner.

· Cheeseburger hobo packets – Add these rich cheeses into your regular sandwiches and cover them using a coiled paper. Then cook these on the camping grill.

· Camping mac and cheese – This is very easy to make. All you have to do is boil the pasta using a camp stove and add cheese into it.

· Zucchini beef skillet dinner – This is easy to be prepared using one pan, add beef and vegetables into a pan and cook in a skillet on your camp stove.

· Classic and easy BBQ – BBQ is the most ancient and most classical type of meal that campers used. You might be wondering how they can eat the same as that. But the truth is they never take the same BBQ over and over again. 

They change them to have different flavors and colors to remove tired and bored. So, you can use different sauces and different meat to have different BBQ.

Camping mysteries: Easy and straightforward open fire cooking recipes

It is a considerable challenge to cook in the open fire without any perfect utensils. After having a hike around the place, you may be tried to make a meal. But still, this feeling makes you happier. Therefore, we prepared some of the most natural and easy camping meal recipes which will help you to make a nice meal without any trouble.


1. Strawberry S’mores in three layers

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Strawberry s’ mores


Cookies, toasted marshmallows, sliced strawberries, chocolate wafer cookies, cinnamon-dusted toasted marshmallows, milk chocolate squares, graham crackers, dark chocolate squares, sliced bananas, and creamy peanut butter.

How to cook?

Gather the ingredients as the way you want and serve.

2. Hot dog with quick cast iron beans

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Hot dog


Canola oil, onion, rinsed white beans, chopped tomatoes, chopped garlic, salt, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, hot dogs, mustard and hot dog buns.

How to cook?

Heat olive oil in the camp stove and then add onion, tomatoes, beans, garlic, and molasses into it. Grill hot dogs from direct heat and fill them to serve.

3. Chicken and black bean nachos

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Chicken and black bean nachos


Shredded chicken, red enchilada sauce, chopped onion, corn kernels, rinsed black bean, cheese, and tortilla chips.

How to cook?

Add all cheese, chicken, onion, corns, and beans into a bowl and season them with salt and pepper. Take an aluminum foil and place chips on it and then chicken mixture on top of it. Then grill them before serving.


4. Shrimp scampi foil packets

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Shrimp scampi foil packets


Medium-size shrimp, unsalted butter, dry white wine, garlic, fresh rosemary, chopped thyme leaves, lemon, red and black pepper, and parsley leaves.

How to cook?

Mix all the ingredients and put them into aluminum foils. Then cover them with a foil sheet and place on the grill and cook. It is a must to go camping in summer or else you are unable to enjoy nature and to spend time with your family. Sometimes you might feel camping as an uncomfortable thing due to cooking. That is why; we prepared this guide for you in order to have some idea about easy camping meals for the family.

Our intention was to help you in preparing camping meals without any significant efforts. So, we hope your next camping trip is going to be pretty much delicious and easy thanks to our ideas and help. 

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